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Gourmet Mineral Sea Salts

Crystal Maldon Gourmet Sea Salt

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Maldon England Gourmet Sea Salt
Maldon England Gourmet Sea Salt
Maldon England Gourmet Sea Salt

Delicate salt crystals are harvested in Maldon, England where flat tide-washed marshes and low rainfall mean high salinity and the ideal place for this famous sea salt to be born. High in minerals and trace elements such as magnesium and calcium, Maldon is praised and adored by gourmet chefs worldwide.


& Additive Free

While Maldon is most commonly used as a finishing salt due to it’s large, pyramid shaped crystals; this pure white sea salt can be used for anything from braising meats, roasting vegetables, or delicately sprinkling atop decadent sweets and chocolates.

Whether a gift for your favorite foodie or a treat for you, these salt crystals will delight and inspire with every bite!


Looking for inspiration?

Top any dish with a touch of Maldon for added taste and sparkle! For something a little sweeter, top brownies, chocolate truffles, or caramels with delicate salt crystals for a mouth watering treat!

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