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Gourmet Sea Salt Blends

Backwoods Bacon Gourmet Sea Salt Blend

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Backwoods Bacon Gourmet Sea Salt Blend
Backwoods Bacon Gourmet Sea Salt Blend
Backwoods Bacon Gourmet Sea Salt Blend
Handcrafted with French sea salt, flavorful herbs, and the ever-so-sweet tones of maple sugar from the heart of Quebec; Movie night has never been so sweet!
So go on: Grab your warmest blankets, your favorite flick, and a big bowl of popcorn; Then get ready for an unforgettable movie night with this one-shake, sweet & salty popcorn topper - but don't stop there!
Create a caramelized finish over chicken, fish, or beef with just a sprinkle for an irresistible and teasingly sweet main course!
Looking for some inspiration?
Use Backwoods Bacon as a rub for steaks at your next barbeque, overtop of morning sunny-side eggs, or add a pinch to make your own pub-style maple bacon chicken wings right at home!
NOTE: There is no bacon, artificial bacon or meat flavors in our Backwoods Bacon Blend. The taste of bacon is mimicked with the help of flavorful dried herbs, and fresh spices. Try it - You won't believe there's no bacon!

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