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Gourmet Sea Salt Blends

Casually Cajun Gourmet Sea Salt Blend

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Cajun Sea Salt and Spice Gourmet Blend
Cajun Sea Salt and Spice Gourmet Blend

Vibrant Hungarian paprika, aromatic garlic, pure sea salt, and a traditional blend of herbs and spices come together to create a stunning gourmet seasoning with just the right amount of heat!

Popular in Cajun cuisine, this versatile seasoning has become a well loved favorite worldwide. Season chicken, pork, fish and seafood or use it as a welcome addition to soups, stews, jambalaya or roasted vegetables. No matter where you choose to add it, Casually Cajun Sea Salt Blend is a must-have for any plate that deserves some extra spice with a little kick.


Looking for some inspiration?

Try sprinkling Casually Cajun over deviled eggs, nachos, pizza, chili or anywhere a little extra heat and flavor is desired.

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