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Smoked Gourmet Sea Salts

Burnt Timber | Gourmet Smoked Sea Salt

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Cold Smoked Gourmet Sea Salt
Cold Smoked Gourmet Sea Salt
Cold Smoked Gourmet Sea Salt

Taste the untamed smoke!

Bring the flavors of campfire cooking indoors with this all-natural, full-bodied smoked salt. Pure Pacific flaked gourmet sea salt is cold smoked over seven different hardwoods to become an aromatic, delightfully smokey salt that adds dynamic flavor in a wide variety of dishes.

100% Natural

No Liquid Smoke

Add Burnt Timber Sea Salt to barbecue rubs, melt in soups and sauces, or simply add a pinch to indulge in that aromatic campfire essence we all know and love!


Looking for some inspiration?

Burnt Timber’s rich, smoky flavor can play the starring role in crock pot pulled pork, act as a clever substitute to vegan dishes, or add that beloved campfire essence to s’more inspired desserts!

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