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Aloha Alaea | Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Red Hawaiian Gourmet Sea Salt
Red Coarse Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt
Red Gourmet Hawaiian Sea Salt Fine
Embrace the island vibes with this stunning, brick red Hawaiian sea salt! From the island of Kauai; Alaea is pure solar-evaporated gourmet sea salt enriched with purified red alae clay -giving us its visually striking appearance and earthy taste.
Prized by chefs alike, Alaea is most often used to roast meats and give dishes a rich, down to earth flavor.
& Additive Free
Available in both Coarse & Fine Grain

Looking for some inspiration?

Alaea is perfect for brines, spice rubs, and seasoning grilled seafood and vegetables. Or go traditional and pay homage to this stunning salt’s origin by adding it to Hawaiian dishes such as kalua pig, lomi lomi salmon and poke.

From extravagant, hearty dishes to using it as a colorful replacement for your everyday table salt -the options are endless and you can’t go wrong!

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