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Tuscan Sun Gourmet Sea Salt Blend

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Italian Gourmet Sea Salt Blend
Italian Gourmet Sea Salt Blend

Inspired by Tuscany, Italy this stunning blend brings a touch of sun kissed Italy right to your kitchen table.

Versatile and aromatic, this spring green blend of fresh Mediterranean spices makes a perfect addition to season all Italian inspired cuisine. From marinara sauce to lasagna to meatballs, a pinch of this gourmet blend works it’s magic over any dish!

Replace your everyday table salt with Tuscan Sun to indulge in savory spices, herb rich sea salt, and the taste of Italy at every meal.


Looking for some inspiration?

Try Tuscan Sun on pizza, in homemade herb and cheese bread, as a mild steak rub, sprinkled atop Greek salad, or even melted over warm, buttery popcorn for a delightful twist!

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